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The Comerciantes Latinos Asociados “CLA” has been an influential association that has had active representation through our San Diego County. Since its inception in 1999, our mission has been to “Promote economic development and participate positively within our communities”. The CLA has been a relationship based organization. Monthly meetings were held to promote the organizations intent in educating the Latino business owners in topics relevant to their day- to- day business operations and staying current on their local city government operations. It is important for Latino business owners to understand what affects their business as local city leaders make decisions that impact their operations. We as an organization have been committed to the promotion of Hispanic owned businesses. We have also encouraged our members to utilize products and services from other members within our organization, this is why networking has been key within our group. It is important to state that the proceeds raised from these monthly meetings and fundraising events went to a cause that is very important our organization… Education! Proceeds have been given in forms of scholarships to a selected group of high school students to further their University studies. As an association, our continuous civic efforts and community outreach still stands. The influence and the footprint we have placed in our Latino business owners continues. Although our monthly meeting are now dormant, the Regional Director Bill de la Fuente is still very much present in our Community! You may contact him directly with any inquiries at dparty53@hotmail.com.

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